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A series of gradually ascending peaks and troughs.

An underlying may be anything that may form the basis of a contract following are some examples of underlying: Shares, various commodities, Currency, etc. In the stock market various shares acts as underlings for Option and Future contracts.
With any good rally in the market, the volumes should always be there if the market goes up without volume the chances are that the rally might not last long. Similarly, if the fall comes in the market without volume then chances are that the fall might not be real.
Wedge Formation
A pattern that has a noticeable slant either to the downside. As a rule it slant either to the upside or the downside. As a rule it slants against the prevailing trend. It is identified by two converging trendlines that come together as an apex. In terms of the amount of time it takes to form, the wedge usually lasts more than a month but not more than three months, putting it into the intermediate category.

Whipsaws is basically false signals which come in the market and one cannot do anything against them as if you have bought something and your stoploss gets triggered, till then the stock can go up. This will be a whipsaws for you but you will have to put stoploss because you dont know that how far can the stock go down if you do not put a stoploss.
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