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Technical Term
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Saucer (bowl) Pattern
A very slow and gradual change in trend from up to down or from down to up. Volume diminishes as the market makes its gradual turn, and then gradually increases as the new direction begins to take hold. The cutlined pattern resembles a bowl.
Secondary (intermediate) Trend
Represents corrections in the primary trend and usually lasts for three weeks to three months. These intermediate relations usually retrace one-third to two-third of the previous trend. Often the retracement will be about half, or 50%.
Sentiment Indicators

Monitor the performance of different groups such as odd lotters, mutual funds and floor-specialists. Enormous importance is placed on sentiment indicators that measure the overall market bullishness and bearishness on the theory that the majority opinion is usually wrong.

Sideway Pattern
A flat, horizontal price pattern.

Simple Moving Average
A moving average that employs an arithmetic mean. It covers the average of a ten day period and assign equal weight to each days price.
Support and Resistance
Support level for a share is the price level at which the said share finds its support in a falling market. If a share breaks its support level then it falls very fast towards its next support level.
Resistance level of a stock is a price level at which the said share has resistance in a rising market. If a share successfully crosses its resistance level then another price rally upwards to the next resistance level of the share starts from there.
These support and resistance levels play a crucial role in the movement of stock as well as commodity markets. Traders also try to keep pivot points of the support resistance levels to monitor the movements.

A level or area on the chart under the market where buying interest is sufficiently strong to overcome selling pressure. Usually a support level is identified beforehand by a previous reaction low. It is a place in the stock market terminology where buying comes and the stock stops falling. The concept of buying at support is very important as once a major support level is breached, it is the first warning that the trend is changing to down.

Symmetrical Triangle (coil)
This pattern comes in to picture in a volatile security, the volatility of which decreases with time. The formation is such that the rallies fail to meet the earlier top and decline fails to touch the earlier low. It results in the top looking as Down slanting boundary line and bottom looks as Up slanting line. Both of these lines converge at the apex, which forms a triangle called as Symmetrical triangle. Normally for a good move, the pattern in reference should try to take a break not near the apex but before the apex as if it reaches the apex, the intensity of the pattern is reduced. It is usually a continuation pattern, it represents a pause in the existing trend after which the original trend is resumed.
It is referred to as a share of the limited companies in question and it confers the right of a part of a company.  The loss and profit of a company is distributed as dividend to the shareholder or stockholder.
Stock Exchange
Stock Exchange refers to the place where people or companies or mutual funds buy and sell shares in a given company.  Example:- In Indian context NSE, BSE are the main stock exchanges.
Stock Option
Stock Option gives the right to buy or sell a stock at a future date at a fixed price. Stock options are traded on the stock exchanges.  The term stock option also refers to the Employees Stock Option Scheme wherein they are granted an option to buy the underlying stocks of a company at a fixed price at a given date after they have worked in the company for certain years.  
When an investor expects violent movements in the market but he is not sure of the direction of it then he may enter into a straddle strategy that means buying a Call and a Put together of the same strike price and same expiry. Normally this happens when some major announcement is due in the market like results of a company etc.  
S&P 500  
This Index represents the top 500 US companies traded on New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.  In India, S&P 500 Nifty Index is just like S&P 500 of US.
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