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Open Interest

The total number of outstanding or unliquidated contracts at the end of contracts at the end of the day. Open interest represents the total number of outstanding longs or shorts in the market, not the sum of both. Open interest has very definite seasonal tendencies that should be taken into consideration.
1.)    Rising open interest in an uptrend is bullish.
2.)    Declining open interest in an uptrend is bearish.
3.)    Rising open interest in a downtrend is bearish.
4.)    Declining open interest in a downtrend is bullish.

The oscillator is extremely useful in non trending markets where prices fluctuate in a horizontal price band, or trading range, creating a market situation where most trend following systems simply dont work that well. Most oscillators look very much alike. They are plotted along the bottom of the daily price chart and resemble a flat horizontal bond. The oscillator band is basically flat while prices may be trading up, down, sideways. However, the peaks and troughs in the oscillator coincide with the peaks and troughs on the price chart. Some oscillators have a midpoint value that divides the horizontal range into two halves- an upper and a lower. This mid-point line is usually a zero line.


An option contract gives us the right to buy or sell something at a set price after the buyer has paid a small price for it known as Option Premium.  Options can be in Gold, Silver, Commodities, Stocks, Land and so many other things.  The person who sells the option is called an Option Writer. Options can be of two types namely Calls and Puts.
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