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Technical Term
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Major trend
Also known as a primary trend. It usually lasts longer than one year.
Market capitalization
It is the total value of a companys outstanding equity shares as per its market price. It is being computed by multiplying the total number of a companys shares with its market price. Market capitalization tells about the size of a company in equity market.
Market capitalization Weighted Index
It is a method of Index computation in which a weight is assigned to every constituent of index according to its market capitalization. Thus a security having the biggest market capitalization will impact the market most. Market capitalization Weighted Index method is followed by both of the prime exchanges of India namely NSE and BSE.
Market depth
It implies the depth of the market. A stock is supposed to have a good depth if a sufficient quantity can be traded with a fraction of a difference in unit. If one is able to sell or buy the stock with very less jobbing difference then the stock is suppose to have a good market depth. By market depth we can know the sentiment of market (interest level of buyers and sellers).
Minor trend
The minor, or near-term, trend usually lasts less than three weeks and represents shorter term fluctuations in the intermediate trend.
Moving Average
An average of a certain body of data. The most common way to calculate the moving average is to work from the total of last ten days closing prices. Each day the new close is added in the total and the close 11 days back is subtracted. The new total is then divided by the number of days (ten). The moving average is essentially a trend following device. The most commonly averages are 5, 10, 20 and 40 days or some variation of those numbers (such as 4, 9 and 18).
Money Market

The term money market is used quite often but a lot of common people confuse it with the entire financial market. It consists of a wide range of instruments with maturities ranging from one day to a one year, issued by the government and by banks and corporate of different credit ratings, and traded  between brokers. 
Strictly speaking it is one part of the financial markets. Some people confuse it with bonds, some with fixed income, some with debt. Whereas Money Markets are referred to the very short term debt securities (by short term we mean that those securities are very liquid and are of short term nature and can be en-cashed quickly.) We can even treat money market securities as cash investments also.                                                                             More

Nifty Index
Nifty is a group of top 50 stocks in NSE (National Stock Exchange). The selection of these stocks is done on the basis of many factors that include liquidity, quality of company, market capitalization etc. The Index is computed on the basis of market capitalization weighted Index method. Nifty Future is one of the most liquid futures in Indian Stock Market. Calls and Puts on Nifty are European in nature that means they cant be exercised before the expiry date. On the other hand Calls and Puts on stocks are American in nature, which means that they can be exercised at any time after the execution of contract.
A line with a slight upward slope at the top often used in head and shoulders patterns. It helps to determine the completion of a pattern. When the trends trend line breaks the neckline a downward trend in the market could be developing.
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