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Technical Term
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Key Reversal day
The true key reversal day marks an important turning point, but cannot be correctly identified as such until well after the fact i.e., after prices have moved significantly in the opposite direction of the prior trend.
Line chart
This type of chart produces a solid line by connecting only the closing prices. Only the closing price is plotted for each successive day. Many chartists believe that because the closing price is the most critical price of the trading day, a line (or close only) chart is a more valid measure of price activity.
Lower tops and bottoms
When every decline in the prices of scrip carries it to the successive lower levels and every counter rally fails in bringing them back to the earlier higher levels, the result is formation of a lower highs and lower low chart.
Logarithmic (Ratio) Scale
It is a method of charting in which equal distances on a chart represents equal ratio or percentage. For example a distance from 10 to 20 in a logarithmic scale represents a change of 100% of value, a distance of 20 to 30 represents a change of 50% and a change from 30 to 40 represents a change of 33% in value.
Long Term Charts
Weekly and monthly charts that compress price in such a way that the time horizon can be greatly expanded and much longer time periods can be studied. Long range price charts provide a perspective on the market trend that is impossible to achieve with the use of daily charts alone.
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