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Intra-day Bar Chart
A type of bar chart that presents price action for a period of less than one day.
IOC (immediate or cancel)
It is a type of order that needs to be executed as soon as it is being released in the system, if it does not get executed by the very time it gets cancelled.
Impact cost
Impact cost is determined purely by the flow of orders that come to an exchange.
A market has low impact cost if numerous buyers and sellers are standing at the screen, ready to buy or sell. Impact cost that one person pays when using an exchange depends entirely upon the mass of users that the exchange is able to attract.
Inverse Head and Shoulders
A pattern with three distinct bottoms and a head (middle trough) a bit lower than either of the two shoulders. A decisive close through the neck line is also necessary to complete the pattern. Volume plays a much more critical role in the identification and completion of a head and shoulders bottom.
Island Reversal
Sometimes after the upward exhaustion gap has formed, prices will trade in a narrow range for a couple of days or a week before gapping to the downside. Such a situation leaves the few days of price action looking like an island surrounded by space or water.
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