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Technical Term
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flag Preceded by a sharp and almost straight line move, a situation in which a steep advance or decline has gotten ahead of itself and where the market pauses briefly to catch its breath before running off again in the same direction. The flag resembles a parallelogram of rectangle marked by two parallel trendlines that trend to slope against the prevailing trend. In a downtrend, the flag would have a slight upward slope.
Fundamental Analysis
A type of analysis that focuses on the economic forces of supply and demand that cause prices to move higher, lower, or stay the same. The fundamental approach examines all of the relevant factors affecting the prices of a commodity in order to determine the intrinsic value of that commodity. Normally fundamentals and Technicals compliment each other in the sense that fundamentals tells you what to buy whereas technicals tell you when to buy.
Floating Stock
This is the number of shares of a company which can be traded on the Stock Exchange.  It excludes the promoter holding.
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