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Efficient Market Hypothesis
Prices fluctuate randomly about their intrinsic value. This theory also holds that the best market strategy to follow would be a simple buy and hold strategy as opposed to any attempt to beat the market.
Equally weighted Index
It is a method of Index computation in which all the components of Index carry equal weight irrespective of their price or market capitalization.
Exhaustion Gap
Appears near the end of a market move. After all objectives have been achieved and the other two types of gaps (breakaway and runway) have been identified, the analyst should begin to expect the exhaustion gap.
Exercise of a call or put option
Buying of a call or put option gives the right to buyer to exercise the same as per his wish. Exercise means to ask the seller of Call/Put to fetch/accept the deliveries of the contracted quantity as when required by buyer. Sellers have an obligation to comply with the buyers wishes. It should be noted that stock options can be exercised at any time after buying the contract of underlying whereas Index options can only be exercised on expiry of contract.
Exponentially Smoothed moving Average
The exponentially smoothed average assigns a greater weight to the more recent action. Therefore, it is a weighted moving average. But while it assigns diminished importance to past price action, it does include in its calculation all of the price data in the life of the future contract.
European Option
In a European Option one can not exercise an option before its expiration. It can only be exercised at its expiry.  Index options on NSE of India are European in nature.
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