Delivery Letter  (For 24th January 2012)  
  We buy deliveries of stocks when midcap index is in buy (on 9th January 2012 midcap  index has come in Uptrend) and percentage of shares above support are more than 50% (today they are 82%).We do not do bottom fishing and do not buy deliveries in a falling market as we believe that there is no end to a fall, just as there is no end to a rise. When we perceive a signal for delivery, we buy 5 to 10 stocks technically the strongest of that time and go on holding them till the signal remains or till when more than 50% stocks are above the support level. Our intention is to take the full trend. Some of us might want to consider fundamentals also while buying stocks for delivery, but, we believe that technical reflect the fundamentals also. 

Both the parameters seen while buying and holding deliveries are still positive, So we have added 2 more deliveries. You may 
buy them latest by 9.30 am on 24th January 2012.

(We will go on reviewing the individual stocks in our delivery list from time to time so that we may replace should anyone of them show weakness. This list we go on continuing and this is will be our core delivery list which we do not want to touch till either of the parameters are up.)

Sr. No (priority wise) Date of taking deliveries Share Name Rate on the date of taking deliveries  No. of Shares Amount Invested on the date of taking deliveries Original Stop Loss Current Stop Loss Closing Price on 23rd January 2012 Market Valuation on 23rd January 2012
1 10th January 2012(9.30 am) Tata Power 94.1 1063.00 100028.3 89 95 105 111615
2 10th January 2012(9.30 am) Apollo Tyres 64.85 1542.00 99998.7 60 60 64.65 99690.3
3 10th January 2012(9.30 am) Aban Offshore 371.45 269.00 99920.05 340 390 446.65 120148.9
4 10th January 2012(9.30 am) Maruti 983.75 102.00 100342.5 930 1020 1160.65 118386.3
5 10th January 2012(9.30 am) Bhushan Steel 333.9 300.00 100170 315 315 328.6 98580
6 23rd January 2012(3.30 pm) IFCI 26.2 3817.00 100005.4 22 22 26.2 100005.4
7 23rd January 2012(3.30 pm) Power Grid 101 990.00 99990 98 98 101 99990
      8083.00 700455       748415.9

Stop Loss : If the stock closes below the stop loss for 2 days, we will quit our position in the stock or we go on holding.The stop loss will go on changing everyday or two as the market progresses. 
This above portfolio of investment is of Rs 7 lakhs having 7 stocks, each having  an investment of Rs 100,000 (Approx.)  

This portfolio we will review it daily and send you the updated list with  actual worth of them on last working day. If any stock is replaced or added to the  list, it will be mentioned


Second list of shares for those who wish to trade in deliveries by buying them whenever there is fall in some stocks and take profit in them at say 10% target from the buying price.
These are the stocks which are technically the strongest in the market today. But they can give a correction also before moving so the best is to get them at their nearest support level which is mentioned in front of them. The stop loss is also mentioned but this stop loss is a closing stop loss. Ideally the stock should close below the stop loss 2 times at least, then in that situation you quit. Wait for any panic in market and when you get these stocks near support buy them. Always keep this letter with you and collect the last 4 to 5 days letter and go on observing the stocks which you get near support. Target a profit of around 10% in them from their support level. The names of stocks in this list will go on changing everyday so that you are always aware of the best stocks in the market.

Sr. No (priority wise) Share Name Closing Rate on (23rd January 2012) Support Stop loss
1 ORBIT CORP. LTD. 51 46 43
4 SARDA ENERGY & M 123 111 107
5 IL&FS ENG AND CO 75 69 65
6 Geometric Softwa 66 61 59
8 KEC INTL. LIMITE 53 51 49
9 BRIGADE 64 62 59
10 WELSPUN CORP LIM 120 116 112
12 GRAVITA INDIA LI 524 508 489
13 Dcm Ltd. 61 58 55
14 indiabulls fin. 183 174 168

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Disclaimer : Trading in stock market is very risky and there are every chances of making losses.