Get Intraday Trend of Nifty  on your Mobile



Here we would be sending you the trend of Nifty Future  We will sms you the kind of positions to take on the basis of the trend of Nifty.You will be updated with the trialing stoplosses In the morning every day, an sms of Nasdaq and US market active stock history is also sent which tells you what happened to Nasdaq and Dow. If you have any query regarding the trend of Nifty Futures, you may ask by sms and we would try to be prompt in our reply to you. If the intraday trend of market remains up at closing , we expect you to carry the position of Nifty futures for next working day or if intraday trend of Nifty Futures stays down at closing, we expect you to carry your short position for next day. 

Past Result of IDT Nifty | Samples of Intraday NMS

  • Personal contact on the phone or through chat will not be there. 
  • As there is character restraints in sms, so we are using some abbreviations. We will sms you all the abbreviations at the beginning of the service.
  • We would want you to first understand the style of our sms before you start to trade in Nifty Futures  on the basis of our recommendation
  • You can send us sms regarding your query and we will try to be prompt in our reply to you

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