Nifty Mechanical System (NMS): Technical way of making profits


A system that can make profits for you!  

About NMS: NMS consists of Technical Analysis of Index Futures which can make even a fresher trade like a professional.

 At last there is a trading system that can make profits for you:

Through which you make profits irrespective of market direction i.e. Bearish or Bullish
Very easy to work with - NMS is simple to implement, as you will be provided entry and exit levels following which you make profits.  
Saves time- You can sit relaxed, you need to take action only on the messages provided by us.
No guesswork pure mechanism- NMS takes the guesswork out of your trading.


Trading on Nifty futures is one of the finest options available to us. You require a margin of around 15% . NMS is developed over a period of time to provide Technical  Analysis of Indian stock market. NMS is a  tested system and  its results are put up in our website on monthly basis.

Based on the system, buy and sell signals are generated which give us a level of Nifty so that if it closes above a certain level it generates buy signal whereas if it closes below a certain level it gives sell signal.

The beauty of the system is that you do not need to see the stock market Intra-day (throughout the day). You need to see the closing of the market in the evening and take a decision to buy or sell in the next day morning. You would be asked to see the closing value of the Index and take the decision to buy or short the next day in the morning. At times if necessary you might have to take the position at around 3:15 pm also though that would be once in a while. SMS would be sent in that case. So we would require your mobile number. 

You have to take 5 to 9 trades in Nifty on the basis of sms provided by us and then only calculate profit and loss.

  It looks very simple multiplication by seeing the returns in the table below but it is not so easy as the element of Fear, Greed, Lack of Discipline#, poor Money Management techniques are going to affect your returns. It has been seen that investors have to be taught all these skills in a gradual way as investors can not bear 4 to 5 losses in a row. It has also been seen that it takes time for an investor to achieve a proper mindset for trading without fear & greed. Disciplined Mindset is the most important thing in trading which has to be constantly monitored.

 Coordination between you and us will take care of these elements. We are going to coordinate with you so as to make you take care of your greed, fear, etc.

# Lack of discipline: When an investor does not keep his traded quantity constant he is said to be having lack of discipline. For example if a person starting with 2 lots of Nifty makes profits, develops confidence (overconfidence) then starts to trade in 7 lots and makes a loss. Take another example of a person who trades in 7 lots of Nifty makes losses, he losses his confidence and starts to trade in two lots next time and makes profit. In both the above two cases he is making more losses than profits just because of his lack of discipline. So we recommend consistency in the number of trading lots of Nifty. (This is just one example of a mistake an investor commits)

Track record:   

NMS ha

s a phenomenal track record of providing good returns on investments. NMS has given a return of more than 100% per year on the investments (Here we take the margin as investment, assumption is taken that every investor has to keep some amount as margin money investment with broker) in September  2017, which can be calculated per financial year Below we have given the table of computation validating from Sept 2017 till date. The results are on the basis of the recommendations sent by us to our Daily Nifty members 

Month-wise analysis of profit/ loss- daily trade
Month   Profit / Loss (Rs.)   Cumulative returns   ROI   No. of Trades No. of Profit Trades   No. of Loss Trades  
July 2017 137991 384025 +17.60 2 2 0
June 2017 +146888 246034 +18.73% 1 1 0
May 2017 +32003 99146 +4% 1 1 0
April 2017 +67143 67143 +8.56% 1 1 0

From September' 16 till March' 17       (Total Profit/ Loss)        (+)168672

March 2017 +59751 168672 +7.50% 1 1 0
February 2017 +43793 109921 +5.59% 1 1 0
January 2016 -22733 66127 -2.90% 1 0 1
December 2016 +39062 88860 +4.98% 1 1 0

The ROI  (Return on Investment) is calculated by the return on the margin we  invest to buy or sell 8 lots of Nifty (600 Nifty Futures). For our record we have taken margin as 15%. In the trades, brokerage has been charged @ 0.040%.Y

Above details signify the following facts:

1)      No of trades: the number of trades that are required to be taken are onlt one or tw0. We expect you to take all trades.

2)      Unlimited profits but limited losses: with our system of trading chances of earning profits are unlimited whereas incurring losses are limited to a level. We will try and teach you how to take the stop-losses in your stride easily. Many traders do not put stop-losses with the result they are not able to quit a losing trade in time and are not able to take the next trade as they are already sitting in a losing trade. This is the reason of maintaining tight stop-losses. 


Questions in your mind?  


Q: I want to make profit in Indian stock market with minimum or no risk. Is it possible?

Honestly speaking there is nothing called no risk in stock market. It is only that you can minimize the result with mechanical system trading. Yes, by trading in Nifty Futures or Options with our advice you have a good chance of making profits in the long term. It is expected that you will trade for at least a couple of months with NMS to see actual results over the time. 

Q: What is the methodology of NMS?
Our clients are advised on the movements of Nifty. Our research team, having expertise in Index Future trading gives technical analysis of movements in Index stock market. All of your tensions will be taken care by us, you  need to take action on the advice of our research team. Here we make sure that we device a trading strategy which suits your risk profile and amount of risk you can take.

Q: How much capital will I need to start trading in Nifty Futures?
For Nifty futures trading you can start with an initial investment of two lakh rupees.(trading in only 2 lots)

Q: How much money can I make?
It depends on the amount of money that you invest and how rigorously you follow our system.

Q: I trade but, my stop loss gets triggered and again the stock starts booming.
Yes, this happens in the market but, NMS with its technical analysis will tell you the stop loss level to be maintained. After stop loss it will tell you the point of re-entering the market, resulting in profits for you. 

It really works, but you need to trust NMS for extracting most out of it.

Q: What is the difference in Intra-day trading and Daily-trading?
Intra-day trading is when we purchase/sell the shares (F & O) during the market time and go on buying and selling during the trading hours. We try to quit our positions by close but at times we need to take the position for next day morning. You need to sit in front of terminal or be in direct touch with your broker.

Daily-trading is for long term traders, in it traders keep a watch on the closing prices only they do not need to track  intra-day movement of the market. You do not need to see the market during market hours.

Q: I find that even intra day trading (trading during the market hours) is giving good returns as mentioned on your web site. Dont you think that I should go for intra day trading rather then going for 6 to 7 F & O trades in a month?
Intra day trading is for experienced traders who can switch their positions very fast so for the time being we would suggest you to start with long term trading. It has been seen that investors who enter into short term Intra-day trading are not able to take stop losses very fast and are unable to reverse their positions quickly. Hence start with long term trading (Daily-trading) which is less risky and, then go in for Intra-day trading. If you think you have self control and discipline then you can go in for intra-day trading for which you contact us.

Q: How will I come to know that I have to change my position from buy to sell or vice versa?
We will send all the triggers regarding positions on a daily basis through whatsapp. Also we will be explaining you the trading part i.e. execution of trades, stop losses, etc. gradually so that you do not go away from the system and follow the system properly.

Q: How long will it take to start making a profit?
NMS has a proven track record of good returns, all this can be understood from the returns table given above.

Q: I am a fresher in trading, how easy is it to follow your system?
With our timely advises you can make investments in the Futures without even knowing the various intricacies of the F & O market. We will tell you the exact levels of entering and exiting market at a particular time, so that you can make easy profits.

Q: Is any specific academic background required in order to be successful in market?
Not at all. Traders community comprises of the people from different backgrounds. People from all academic backgrounds can be successful in market.

Q: What equipment do I need to start trading on the financial markets?
All you will really need is access to Internet and a phone.

Q: Do I have to do lot of research?
No definitely not. You need to follow our research teams advises and enter or exit accordingly

Q: Is there any risk involved?
Risks are inherent to every type of investment, risk goes with reward i.e. higher the risk, higher are the returns. Pure technical mechanism of NMS reduces the risk to a great extent. But it can never eliminate the risk.

Q: I have been a member of other services and purchased other systems, how are you different?
It is really simple and fruitful. People from all parts of India have trusted us and in turn profited. We are different in the sense that we base our research on proven Technical Analysis, which yields returns even in the falling market.

Q: Will I be required to buy any additional products from your company in order to be able to implement your strategy?
No. We are not affiliated in any way with any software provider, brokerage house or any other investment services firm.

Q: Will I be left alone? In case of confusion what do I do?
The method is so simple and everything you need is to take action whenever we ask you to do so. You can reach us through whatsapp during market times and we will do our best to answer all your queries. To our big clients who have more investment, we give support on the phone. The big clients can contact us on our mobile in case a need arises.

Q: Do you have other products like newsletters, sms service etc & where can I find the details for them.?
We have all types of products suited for different kind of investors. You may have a look at them by clicking here

Q: Which is the  product  with the maximum value and least priced on the site?
The cheapest newsletter we have is Trend Newsletter. This letter is for those traders who are daily traders and not intraday traders. We are sending the buy level and the sell levels of more than 50 stocks which are mainly future stocks. The monthly charges for the same is Rs. 1000. It is emailed daily around 7 pm. A sample copy of the same can be seen by clicking here.

Q: What are your charges?
Our consultancy charges will depend upon the amount of investment that you put in Nifty future trading. It will also depend on the extent of support you need from us. Only for messaging servics the charges are Rs 5000/- monthly but it you have high investment and need extra support then you may need to go in for pa personal consultancy services where the charges will depend on the extra support require. You may contact us via whatsapp on this no 9350812494 regarding this 

Disclaimer: does not warrant or make any representations regarding the use or the results of the use of the materials in this site or other sources in terms of their correctness, accuracy, reliability, profit, or otherwise. does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information and is not responsible for any omissions. clearly states that it has no financial liability whatsoever to any user on account of the use of information provided on the website. Trading is a risky field and their are every chances of an investor making a loss.
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