Nifty Mechanical System (NMS): Technical way of making profits

The system made returns of more than 400% in less than Two years


A system that can make profits for you!  

About NMS: NMS consists of Technical Analysis of Index Futures which can make even a fresher trade like a professional.

 At last there is a trading system that can make profits for you:

Through which you make profits irrespective of market direction i.e. Bearish or Bullish
Very easy to work with - NMS is simple to implement, as you will be provided entry and exit levels following which you make profits.  
Saves time- You can sit relaxed, you need to take action only on the messages provided by us.
No guesswork pure mechanism- NMS takes the guesswork out of your trading.


Trading on Nifty futures is one of the finest options available to us. You require a margin of around 15% . NMS is developed over a period of time to provide Technical  Analysis of Indian stock market. NMS is a  tested system and  its results are put up in our website on monthly basis.

Based on the system, buy and sell signals are generated which give us a level of Nifty so that if it closes above a certain level it generates buy signal whereas if it closes below a certain level it gives sell signal.

The beauty of the system is that you do not need to see the stock market Intra-day (throughout the day). You need to see the closing of the market in the evening and take a decision to buy or sell in the next day morning. You would be asked to see the closing value of the Index and take the decision to buy or short the next day in the morning. At times if necessary you might have to take the position at around 3:15 pm also though that would be once in a while. SMS would be sent in that case. So we would require your mobile number. 

You have to take 5 to 9 trades in Nifty on the basis of sms provided by us and then only calculate profit and loss.

  It looks very simple multiplication by seeing the returns in the table below but it is not so easy as the element of Fear, Greed, Lack of Discipline#, poor Money Management techniques are going to affect your returns. It has been seen that investors have to be taught all these skills in a gradual way as investors can not bear 4 to 5 losses in a row. It has also been seen that it takes time for an investor to achieve a proper mindset for trading without fear & greed. Disciplined Mindset is the most important thing in trading which has to be constantly monitored.

 Coordination between you and us will take care of these elements. We are going to coordinate with you so as to make you take care of your greed, fear, etc.

# Lack of discipline: When an investor does not keep his traded quantity constant he is said to be having lack of discipline. For example if a person starting with 2 lots of Nifty makes profits, develops confidence (overconfidence) then starts to trade in 7 lots and makes a loss. Take another example of a person who trades in 7 lots of Nifty makes losses, he losses his confidence and starts to trade in two lots next time and makes profit. In both the above two cases he is making more losses than profits just because of his lack of discipline. So we recommend consistency in the number of trading lots of Nifty. (This is just one example of a mistake an investor commits)

Track record:   

NMS has a phenomenal track record of providing good returns on investments. NMS has given a return of more than 100% per year on the investments (Here we take the margin as investment, assumption is taken that every investor has to keep some amount as margin money investment with broker) in April 2007, which can be calculated per financial year Below we have given the table of computation validating above point for a period of past 103 months spanning from April 2004 to till 8th Oct 2013. The results are on the basis of the sms recommendations sent by us through sms to our Daily Nifty members 

Month-wise analysis of profit/ loss- daily trade
Month   Profit / Loss (Rs.)   Cumulative returns   ROI   No. of Trades No. of Profit Trades   No. of Loss Trades  
June 2015 3205 115889 +3.37% 5 3 2
May 2015 -8590 112684 -9.04% 2 0 2
April 2015 3575 121274 +3.76% 5 3 2

From April' 14 till March' 15       (Total Profit/ Loss)        (+)117699

March 2015 19628 117699 +20.67% 4 4 0
February 2015 -19075 98071 -20.09% 2 0 2
January 2015 -13775 117146 -14.50% 6 3 3
December 2014 8394 130921 +8.84% 2 2 0
November 2014 20300 122528 +21.38% 1 1 0
October 2014 6700 102228 +7.05% 3 2 1
September 2014 -40668 95527 -42.83% 3 0 3
August 2014 -19443 136195 -20.47% 4 2 2
July 2014 -22680 155638 -23.88% 3 1 2
June 2014 36160 178318 +38.08% 1 1 0
May 2014 13525 142158 +14.24% 3 2 1
April 2014 28165 128633 +28.02% 1 1 0

From April' 13 till March' 14       (Total Profit/ Loss)        (+)100468

March 2014  19905 100468