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The intraday trend is seen every half an hour during market time and if any change is there, the trend is changed. Take the Index future and take at least 7 trades of it continuously. Index mentioned here refers to the NIFTY FUTURES  and not the Future Spot, so we go on taking the index Future whenever the trend of the Nifty Spot  changes. (When you trade intra day, you do not have to see  the daily trend.) One may receive this change of Nifty trend Intraday on his mobile phone. Click Here

How Watching Market Psychology Can Help You Time the Market
Elliott wave patterns in price charts reflect the struggle between the bulls and bears
By Elliott Wave International

Two economic reports hit the newswires Thursday morning (March 6). Both were important, yet each one had the opposite implication for the trend. The market chose one report over the other, and the question is, why -- and what can we learn from that? Read more.


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                                                      For 11th September 2019

Intra Day Trend Date - the Trend Changed Rate - the Trend Changed Intra Day
Up * 9.30 am on 6th September 2019 10930
 * The trend continues from the past one trading day .
**   The trend continues from the past two trading days .
***  The trend continues from the past more than two trading days.
 If a*  (star) is not there that means the trend changed on the present trading day

To check the intra day trend, we only see the graphs and nothing else.
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