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Holidays of 2010
During the month of June, 2010
In the table below, one can find all the holidays of the exchanges worldwide occurring in the month of June. We have taken care of all the conceptions and possibilities related to a holiday and attempted to give an appropriate information. You are requested to check the  holidays with the concerned countries exchanges.
Date and Day Continents Countries Reasons of the Holiday
1st June 2010 Tuesday Africa




Angola International Children's Day
Cantral Africa Whit Monday
Gabonese White Monday
Kenyan Madaraka Day
Madagascar White Monday
Europe Italy It.Exchange Trading After Hours Closed
2nd June 2010 Wednesday Asia


South Korea Local Election Day
Europe Italy It.Exchange Trading After Hours Closed
3rd June 2010 Thursday Africa


Seychelles Corpus Christi
Ugandan Uganda Martyrs Day


Brazil Corpus Christi
Polish Corpus Christi Day


Austrian Corpus Chirsti Day
Croatian Corpus Cristi
Poland  Corpus Christi Day
America Dominican Republic Corpus Christi
Africa Burundi Pentecost
5th June 2010 Monday Europe Slovak St. Cyril and Methodius Day<
Africa Seychelles Liberation Day


Malaysia King's Birthday *If public holiday falls
South Korea Memorial Day For Futures
7th June 2010 Monday America Venuzala Corpus Christie


Irish Bank Holiday Closed
New Zeland Queens Birthday


Ireland June Bank Holiday
Malta Sette Giugno (Commemoration of 1919 Riot)
South America Colombia Corpus Christi
9th June 2010 Wednesday Africa


Ugandan National Heroes Day
11th June 2010 Friday Libya Evacuation Day
Europe Libya Evacuation Day.
12th June 2010 Saturday Asia Russia Independence Day
Europe Russia Independence Day
South America Paraguay Protocolo de Paz day
14th June 2010 Monday Africa


Cayman Queen's Birthday
Malawi Freedom Day




Australia Queen's Birthday (All State except west Australia)
China Dragon Boat Festival
Philippines Independence Day *Special Non Working Holiday
Russia Public Holiday
Europe Russia Public Holiday
South America Colombia Sacred Heart Day
15th June 2010 Tuesday Asia


Azerbaijan Day of National Salvation
China Dragon Boat Festival
16th June 2010 Wednesday Africa South African Youth Day


China Dragon Boat Festival
Hong Kong Tuen Ng Festival
Taiwan Dragon Boat Festival
17th June 2010 Thursday Europe Iceland National Day
18th June 2010 Friday Africa Seychelles National Day
South America Cambodia King's Mother Birthday,Norodom Monineath Sihanouk
19th June 2010 Saturday Africa Algeria Revolutionary Readjustment
South America Uruguay Josť Artigas Day
20th June 2010 Sunday Africa Eritrea Martyres Day
21st June 2010 Monday America


Argentina Flag Day
Bermuda National Heroes Day
Bolvia Aymara New Year
Africa Togo Martyrdom Day
22nd June 2010 Tuesday Europe Croatian Antifascist Struggle Day
23rd June 2010 Wednesday Africa Estonian Victory Day




Estonian Victory Day
Latvia Midsummer Day
Luxembourg National Holiday<
24th June 2010 Thursday Lithunian Midsummer Day
Africa Estonian Midsummer Day
America Venuzala Carabobo Battle


Estonian Midsummer Day
Latvia St John's Day
25th June 2010 Friday Lithunian Non-business day</
Asia Sri Lanka Poson Full Moon Poya Day




Croatian Statehood day
Finnish Midsummer Eve.
Latvia Non-business day
Swedish Midsummer Eve
26th June Saturday Asia


Azerbaijan Army and Navy Day
27th June 2010 Sunday Tajikistan  National Unity Day
Azerbaijan Army and Navy Day
28th June 2010 Monday America


Chile Saint Peter and Saint Paul's Day
Venuzala Feast of Saints Peter and Paul
Asia Ukraine Constitution Day
Europe Ukraine  Constitution Day
29th June 2010 Tuesday Africa Seychelles Independence Day
America Peru St Peter and St Pauls
Europe Malta Feast of St Peter and St Paul.
30th June 2010 Wednesday Africa


Cantral Africa National Prayer Day
Congo Independence Day
South America Guatamala Army day


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