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One week messages sent to our clients (8th August 2012 till 17th September 2012 )
Delivery stocks SMS sent by crnindia on 17th September 2012
S No. Time Messages
1 9.17 am (Delivery letter)IGL SL 245(2 day),T 280.Den Bank SL 92,T 105.
2 10.22 am (Delivery Stocks)IDBI target met.
Delivery stocks SMS sent by crnindia on 13th September 2012
S No. Time Messages
1 11.54 am (Delivery Stocks)Delta Corp target met.
Delivery stocks SMS sent by crnindia on 11th September 2012
S No. Time Messages
1 9.01 am (Delivery letter)Delta Corp SL 59(2 days),T 67.IDBI SL 85,T 94,Idea SL 76.T 87,Max SL 180,t 200.
Delivery stocks SMS sent by crnindia on 23rd August 2012
S No. Time Messages
1 9.27 am (Delivery stocks)Indian Hotel SL 59(2 days)T 69,ONGC SL 280,T 295.
Delivery stocks SMS sent by crnindia on 8th August 2012
S No. Time Messages
1 9.04 am (Delivery Letter)Tata Power SL 95(2 days),Essar Oil SL 53,TCS SL 1215.
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CRNindia proudly elaborates on service provided to short term to medium term investors. A system, which consists many years of deep study of the market and has given amazing results.

Midcap Index had come in uptrend on 3rd March and also the percentage of stocks above support are more than 50% , so we are  recommending to create positions in  deliveries to delivery sms members.

Recommendations for stocks for medium term holding is another of the profit giving product offered by This system is for traders, who wish to invest in stocks

We study longterm charts to analyze the trend of Midcap index and individual stocks. The comfortable aspect is that we strictly follow the longterm charts and accordingly give recommendations. We believe in taking the full trend and we go on holding on to our stocks with the trailing stoplosses. We do advise to do profit booking at 10% from the buying price. In this system investor has to take the positions in the stocks recommended by us latest by 10.15 am and then not to see the intraday movement of the stock or the market. But yes do put a bid to quit half of your holdings at 10% profit target. Sometimes market turns volatile or sideways, at this time we go on holding to our positions and do not get tensed by the movements of the market.

To make profit by this system, investor has to maintain patience not get excited or tensed by the intraday movement of the market. He needs to develop and keep faith on the system.

Unique Features of Delivery sms service


  • Two parameters to buy and hold deliveries

  1. Trend of Midcap index : When the trend of Midcap index is in uptrend then we recommend deliveries ( Midcap Index had  come in uptrend on 3rd March)

  2. Percentage of stocks above support: All the stocks traded at NSE are analyzed then the percentage of stocks above support are calculated .If the percentage is more than 50% then only we recommend to buy and hold deliveries ( Percentage of stocks above support are more than 50%)

  • Steady Technical analysis - This system works purely on the technical analysis of the market, which involves study of midcap index and stocks traded at NSE.This system works solely on the basis of long term trends.

  • Your mobile our messages - One to two messages are sent daily. Investors get the messages on their mobiles and on that basis they take their positions latest by 10.15 am. (subscribers cannot talk with us.For any query they can sms us and the query will be answered through sms only

  • Stoploss levels: In the sms we mentioned the stoploss levels. If the stock closes below the stoploss for 2 days then we quit our holdings, else we go on holding them

  • Reduces the tension - As this is only for long term investros so there is no tension to see the intraday movement of the market.

  • Experienced guidance - This is a system behind which 10 years of experienced analysis is working.

  • Exact past results:  The below mentioned table provides the result of the recommendations. (one can see the the losses occur when the midcap index is in downtrend and when the percentage of stocks above support is lesser than 50%

Past Results of Delivery sms service
Month Investment Liquidated +holding investment Profit/loss Percentage P/L
February 40056 38712.98 -1343.02 -3.35
January 2011(on 7th January % above support has come below 50%) 99856.6 91977.8 -7878.80 -7.89
December( on 30th December % above support has come above 50%) 355939.6 389750.7 33811.09 9.50
November 378890.2 381740.6 2850.35 0.75
October 2010 (On 20th Oct % above support came below 50% ) 860880.2 837058.6 -23821.60 -2.77%
September 2010 (On 2nd Sept % above support came above 50%) 1062387.4 1076417.5 14030 1.32 %
August 2010((On 30th august) % above support came below 50% ) 1031236.85 1037882 6645 0.64%
July 2010 536486.4 542210.2 5723.80 1.06%
June 2010((On 10th June % above support came above 50%) 359737.5 376853.7 17116.2 4.75%
May 2010 (On 4th May % above support came below 50% and on 19th May Midcap index had come in downtrned. So shorted Futures also) 2301297.75 2277789.25 -23508.5 -1%
April 2010 279025.7 270173.65 -8852 -3.17%
March 2010  (On 2nd March % above support came above 50% and on 3rd March Midcap Index came in uptrend 658411.7 689648.95 31237.25 4.74%
February 2010 421654 437877.6 16223.6 3.85%
January 2010 (on 21st Jan Midcap index hadcome in downtrend and % above support came below 50% on 25th January) 623487.2 608766 14721.20 -2.36 %
December(Midcap index  came in downtrend on 15th December and again came in uptrend on 29th December 666743.1 688328.05 21584.95 3.24%
November 09  (on 9th Nov % came above 50% and Midcap index came in uptrend on 11th November) 678942.9 729773.9 50830. 7.49%
Octpober 09( on 27th Oct % came below 50% and Midcap index came in downtrend on 29th October) 698853.7 685647.4 13206.30 -1.89%
September 09 755901.1 810731.95 54830.85 7.25%
August 09 726880 786797.55 59917.55 8.24%
July 09 703003.2 798472 95468.8 13.58%
June 09 490329.65 517021.5 26691.85 5.44%
May 09 238821.1 314279.3 75458.2 31.59%
April 09 55947 71808.7 15861.7 28.35%
March 09 (on 19th March% was more than 50% and Midcap index came in uptrend on 20th March) 159578 221354.8 61776.80 38.70%
February 09(on 9th February  % was more than 50% and Midcap index came in uptrend but on 16th February the situation was reversed)  130305 133935.6 3630.60 2.79%
January 09 151564.7 159682.55 8117.85 5.36%
No recommendations given from september till November) December 08 200042 209294 9252 4.63%
August 08  279383 290566 11183 4%
July 08(on 23rd July  % was more than 50% and Midcap index came in uptrend) 228427 203901 -24526 -10.73%
June 08 269525 269525 -8115 -3%
May 08(on 23rd May  % was below 50% and Midcap index came in downtrend) 357964 344272 -13692 -3.82%
April 08(on 15th April  % was more than 50% and Midcap index came in uptrend) 356658.4 371510 14851.60 4.16%
March 08 144292 144030.25 -261.75 -0.18%
February 08 255093.4 234044 -21049.40 -8.25%
January 08  (on 11th January  % was below 50% and Midcap index came in downtrend) 439420 412268 -27152 -6.17%
December 07 448333 484423 36090 8%

The ROI  (Return on Investment) is calculated by the return on the original investment to buy even stock receommended by us. when the Percentage stocks above support are less than 50% then we advice to have low volumes and quit the stocks if they meet their 10% profit targets You will observe from the above table that in those months the loss are more when the percentage stocks above support is less than 50% .When both the parameters are positive to buy and hold the deliveries then then our profit targets were bigger.

Procedure of Delivery sms service
  • The stocks recommendations is sent through mobile along with their respective stoplosses

  • One to two sms is sent daily. If the market is not healthy for investment then we may not send any message

  • We are mentioning stoploss as 2 day closing below the mentioned levels

  • When the percentage above support is more than 50% then quit hlaf the holding at 10% profit target and hold the rest with trailing stoploss

  • If Intraday trend of the market stays down at closing, we normally recommend to carry forward your short positions in nifty Futures for the next working day.

  • Initially you will have many queries, so you may call us, but only after the market hours. During the market hours you can sms us your queries and we will get back to you through sms as soon as possible but personal contact on phone or through chat will not be there during market time.

  • It is very important for you to understand our sytem before  actually start trading on their basis. You can come up with the queries regarding our messages and we will try to be prompt in our reply. 

  • We suggest that initially, mock trading be done on the basis of our sms, and once you  develop confidence, you may start actual trading.

  • It is advisable to be consistent with the volumes to trade in. We advise to trade in less volumes initially. Quit half the holdings at 10% profit target and rest hold on with the trailing stoplosses

  • Investor may send us the stock holding , so that we may send the fresh trailing stoploss

  • Below  mentioned are a week's sms sent to our members. This will give an insight to the type of sms sent by us

  • Terminology to understand the message.

    1. SL - Stoploss
    2. SL ( 2 days) - If the stock close below the mentioned rate then only quit the stock,else hold on to the stock
Frequently Asked Question
You mean this system will only give profit?

NO, there is no absolute profit in the share market. First thing we need to understand is that profit and loss are the two inseparable components of the trading  in  stock market. Everybody earn some profit and give some loss. Risk factor is inherent in the market. But this system will surely help you to maximize your profit and minimize your loss. With our system, possibility of earning profit is much higher than giving losses.

An investor can earn good profits if he/she keeps trust on the system and works with a disciplined mind set by exercising control over his/her greed and fear.

How much profit I can make with your system?

It depends how much money you are investing in the market and how sincerely you are following our messages.
I want to know about the person, who will be doing the analysis?

Our Analyst has been doing Technical analysis of Indian Stock market for more than 10 years. She has seen many bullish and bearish phases and gained an outstanding understanding of the market.

Though she is very busy but you can talk to her between 4-5 pm in the working days and between 10am-12 noon on Saturdays on this number 9811291155. 

Please note that she will not entertain any call during the market time.

I am a newcomer in the stock market, how this system can benefit me?

Being a newcomer, we want to tell you that share market is full of risk and very unpredictable. A newcomer's chances of giving  losses is higher. We believe that a newcomer always goes these three stages: 1) Initially he has to give loss, 2) Reaches profit and loss equilibrium and 3) . lastly start earning some profits.    But a newcomer can always minimize his losses and later on earn some profits if he adopts a good system to assist him. Initially, we advice you to do mock trading on the basis of our service to enhance your understanding of our system and when you feel confident enough, you can go for actual trading. 

I have seen such services or systems even on the other sites. what makes your system different from them?

Our system purely works on the basis of charts and does not follow any fundamental. It is based on the proven technical analysis. It is really effective and fruitful. You have seen our past results. It is very simple to follow, you just have to take positions according to our messages.
What are the charges for Delivery sms service?
The delivery  sms service is provided only through sms. Find below the charges for the same
Monthly Rs.4412/- (Rs.4000+ 10.30% service tax+edu cess +higher edu cess)
Bi-Monthly Rs.8383/- (Rs.7600+ 10.30% service tax+edu cess +higher edu cess)
Half- Yearly Rs.22060/- (Rs.20000+ 10.30% service tax+edu cess +higher edu cess)
Yearly Rs.33090/- (Rs. 15000+ 10.30% service tax+edu cess +higher edu cess)
Trial No Trial
If you want to talk to our analyst on phone during the market time for your queries or extra support then that will come under personal consultancy. The charges for which are Rs 11030/-(Rs 10000+10.30 %) monthly
Why don't you give trial of this service?

Trial period is not sufficient for any investor to understand our system. To give such results, one has to be consistent with us for a minimum period of one month.

For example, you subscribed the service for 1 week trial and are holding some stocks as per our recommendations the next support for the trailing stoploss will not be received. So a continuity of the service is required to become fruitful

Do you have such system for Nifty Investors also?

Yes, We have Daily NMS service. In this service daily trend of Nifty futures is sent through sms along with stoplosses and targets. To know more about this service/ system, kindly go through this link Daily NMS page
How this system is better than your other services?

Working in stocks on a long term basis reduces the daya to day tensions. The investors can go on pursuing his/her professions and not be bothered will everyIndex is better and less risky. In index your concentration gets fixed but in case of stocks, you have to remain updated about various stocks. Our this system will keep you updat movement of the market
How I can register for this system?

Please go to the registration page and get yourself registered for the service.

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