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Q.) What do you think, should I know about technical analysis so that I can do my own analysis?

Ans. Though technical analysis is a field which requires a lot of knowledge, but if I have to mention some points which one should know before venturing out in live technical analysis. Some of these points are: -

1.)    Philosophy of Technical Analysis
2.)    Comparison between Technical and Fundamental
3.)    Difference between Technical analysis of Stocks and Futures
4.)    Dow Theory
5.)    Which is more important Daily, Weekly or Monthly charts?
6.)    An exhaustive study of Candlesticks
Hammer and Hanging Man
Dark Cloud Cover
Piercing Pattern
The Morning Star
The Evening Star

7.)    Candlesticks applied with western indicators
Candlesticks with Trend Lines
Candlesticks with Moving Averages
Candlesticks with Oscillators

8.)    Volume Study
9.)    Head and Shoulder Reversal pattern
10.)  Inverted Head and Shoulder
11.)  Double Top and Double Bottom
12.)  Triple Top and Triple Bottom
13.) Rounding Formations
14.) Trend, Trend lines and rule of their breaking
15.)  Support and Resistance
16.) Channel
17.) Key Reversal day
18.)  The Gaps
19.) Island Reversals
20.) Triangle Formations
21.)  The Broadening Formation
22.) The Diamond
23.)  Flags and Pennants
24.) The Wedge
25.)  The Rectangle
26.) Buying Climax and Selling Climax
27.) Moving Averages
Simple Moving Average
Weighted Moving Average
Exponential Moving Average
The 5-9 Day Short Term Moving Average Rule
The 25 Day Moving Average Delivery Rule

28.) The use of Oscillators
29.) Importance of Divergence
30.)The Relative Strength Index
31.) Stochastics
32.) MACD
33.)The Trading of Options and Futures
34.) Put/Call Ratios
35.) Intraday Trading
36.) Effect of Newspapers and Media on Intraday Trading
37.)An Introduction to Elliot Wave Theory
38.)Concept of Pyramiding and Stoplosses

We are thinking of starting a technical analysis course through Internet and if you are interested for the same, you may leave your e-mail id, so that we revert back to you whenever it is started

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