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If you are a serious trader and have the capacity to trade in front of terminal then you need to have the intraday buy or sell trigger levels with you  along with an sms message on your cell phone should any change in the intra day behavior occur. Playing on the daily trends has become a slow process and is more delivery oriented or option trading oriented as the daily settlement forces you to liquidate your position everyday. In such a market a combination of Option trading, intra day trading as well as delivery trading makes sense. It has been seen that sooner or later a trader losses interest in a sideways market because in a sideways market the slow levels are unable to provide him profits and at that time a combination of intra-day trading is required. So our suggestion is that you need to have a cell phone with you to trade profitably as any change intra day can be immediately communicated to you where ever you may be sitting.

In this consultancy the following services will be provided

  • You are told about the various stocks to buy and sell.

  • Your individual email queries are answered immediately.

  • You are also requested to talk to the analyst on phone for specific and immediate  query or guidance (which will lead to improving your trading skills).

  • In addition to the above you will be sent newsletter which suits your trading style

In a nut shell we try to change your attitude towards trading in the Indian Stock Market so that you know how to cut your losses and let your profits run.

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